MGF is honored to have worked with the Rocky Mountain Institute, Sierra Club, and Carbon Tracker Initiative on the forthcoming paper, “How to Retire Early: Making Accelerated Coal Phaseout Feasible and Just”


Instrument Analysis for Solar Securitization for Rwanda. Endorsed by the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance.

Design and presentation of the Lacuna Private Equity Fund, aimed at promoting investment in renewable energy for productive use.


“Advancing Geothermal Development in East Africa: Lessons Learned During the 2015 –2018 EAGER Programme”  by John Heath, David Sussman, Amanda Lonsdale, Mandkhai Bayarsaikhan


Chair of Innovative Finance sessions for Invest Geothermal (2017 and 2019)


Smaller projects could help jumpstart geothermal in Africa“. ThinkGeoEnergy article 2016. Republished in Electric Energy Online.